Flange joint

New flange joint

Results of development is operational example of flange joint DN50.

It is assumed a development the full class of type flange joint with clarity DN25–DN150.
The joints consist of ramble at the end measures spherical surface, neck arrangements with flange and spherical surface, the next neck, which is furnished with flange and spherical surface, flexible seal and screwing joint.


Wood plastification with ammoniate is process ennoblement less valued sort leafy woods, which give out to expressive change mechanical and tasteful facilities woods.
Bargain on processing woods leaf wood according to zadefinovanej technology, where resultant product is plastified wood, which with mechanical and colour property approach to facilities exotic woods as are teak, madeira wood, palisander alternatively ebon



Company LignoTech s.r.o. is finding investor with the view of growth common enterprise cap investment set-up corporation for wood plastification and subsequent alteration production of plastificated woods.

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