Flange joint - Ordering conduct

Up to now was developed and manufactured flange joint with clarity DN50. Interested persons can to order for verification and examinining (marked yellow colour).

Flange joint DN50 ordering

Flange joint DN50.1
Marking and ordering has following structure

DN50.1 DPxx.Z – count of pieces

DN 50.1 DP -   Count of pieces

 Send me complete assembly of flange joint

DPxx – flange joints for nominal pressure xx
Z – part position

Flange joints are in following versions (marked DNXX.y)

- DNXX.0 – flanged joints for armatures
- DNXX.1 – flanged joints for pipe distribution
- DNXX.2 – flanged joints with three degrees of freedom with exploitation rigger welding seam
- DNXX.3 – flanged joints with of three degree of freedom
- DNXX.4 – flanged joints for armatures with ability for altering armatures without dismantling of piping systems

In the case interest for new sort of flange joint we would plead you for non-committal opinion interests with look sort join, nominal clarity, nominal pressure and precondition count of pieces. Your specifications will serve for realization of production the next clarities.

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